A pleasure trip to Banabitan, Baidyabati by Luxury Bus

Mr.D.K. Marik


Dr. Hari Prosad Kanoria is the founder of IISD who is also the Chairman of SREI Group of Companies. Presently, Mrs. Madhulika Kanoria is entrusted with the day to functioning of the Institute. She is is also looking for up- of both financial and administrative matters after assumption of office of Vice Chairman of this Institute. She has assumed the position after the death of Prof. Anil Baran Chakraborty. On her advice, a picnic was organized for Management students, both old and new, by IISD on 22 January, 2014 at Banabitan, Baidyabati , Hooghly . On 22 Feb at 8.30 a.m. a Luxury Bus was detailed for duty for our said journey which was flagged off by our Revered and Beloved Executive Director, IISD who also took an active role and inspiring leadership for arrangement of picnic in a befitting manner like previous year. The said Luxury Bus reached the scheduled picnic spot at 11 a.m. The participants are mostly Management students, senior officials, Executives, Support Staff composing 34 altogether. During bus journey they were served with delicious tiffin packets and all the participants were very much pleased. After reaching the picnic spot, some senior members took little rest at the cozy and well decorated balcony. The two adjacent rooms were well equipped, furnished with modern gadgets and covered all round with scenic beauty. The rent is Rs. 5000/-per party. There was a separate space for cooking. The participants were served with coffee, snacks and pakora. Mr. Chayan Biswas was entrusted to look after the cooking arrangement all by himself. liftment nd nd Mr.D.K.Marik After reaching the picnic spot, some senior members took light refreshments roamed hither and thither in search of beautiful location of sight seeing all around the picnic spot. After completing dinner with fine rice {Tulai Panji), dal, fried oil cake, salad, colly flower curry, chicken curry, chatni, papad, rasogolla etc It was learnt that the entire expenditure for purchasing Rasogolla was borne by our Executive Officer. All of them moved to see the scenic beauty of the spot lies elsewhere. Then again, some young participants, both old and new, took part in boating adjacent to the Picnic Spot. We the seniors namely ED, Mr. S.C. Basu, OSD. Mr. P.K. Das, Consultant , Banking and Mr. D.K. Marik, Special Assistant to Chairman/Vice-Chairman, .IISD. We were very much afraid by seeing their courage and valour but the young participants were reminded time and again not to participate in boating.which is some what risky. While gossiping amongst ourselves under the sun we regrettably discussed the absence of Prof,. (Dr,) S.K. Bondyopadhyay, Consultant, Medical and Shri B.B. Ghosh< Dy.Director. It was reportedly learnt that some relations from his native place was scheduled to visit his residence at Salt Lake. While waiting from the shore anxiously, suddenly a local train passed away which reminded the golden memories of our young age when Appu along with his sister Durga , were staring at a local train from a long distance with curiosity in a film named Pather Panchali directed by Oscar Prize winner film maker Dr. Satyajit Ray, while in death bed, by a Jury, who had come all along from France for his famous film ‘Panther Panchali’ which brought worldwide fame and reputation for him reputation and glory and awarded many other prizes both in India and abroad. I cannot exactly remember the year, perhaps that year might be 1957 while studying in I.A Class of St. Paul’ s Cathedral Mission’s College, Kolkata.in which particular year when he was awarded the glory I could not exactly remember. Master Computer will tell the truth. I am an old man who is not well conversant with the tit bit of computer. I begged to be pardoned for my ignorance on the subject. My grand daughter is competent enough to give her expertise on the subject. Last, but not the least, is the scenic beauty of the setting sun which had not missed our sight. While waiting for the young Management students we were charmed by seeing the sight of the setting sun in the evening from a distance. Most the Management students were in a mad race for taking photographs. The seniors raised questions amongst themselves about the efficiency of the young photographers. Who knows how many of them will acquire the skill of Mr. Nemai Ghosh, who was the photographer of Satyajit Ray/ I know that gentleman personally from long year back. He was a Motor Vehicle Inspector (Technical).I do not know whether he retired or not. No praise is quite enough for the organizers for organizing such picnic in a befitting manner like previous year with the help and able cooperation of some dedicated high officials, Senior Executives and support staff of IISD, especially Mrs. Debarati Sen. our Marketting Manager, Mr. Sandip Sanyal, Mr. Chayan Biswas, Mr. Nilanjan Basu, Mr. Prabir Nandi, Mr. Jishnu Sanyal, Mr. Satyanath Bera and Mr. Ananda Pal, Mr Pradip Sarkar, Mr. Gautam Hari, Mr. Parimal Dhali etc., Most of them had done remarkable job entrusted to them. This pleasant trip also gave all the Management students, both old and new, expressed their great satisfaction and joy to the organizers and wished that in the next year such arrangement of picnic give impetus to mix with others and try to develop their skill to mix with their colleagues who have already joined in a reputed concern.Before we boarded the Luxury Bus we were requested to make a line in order to Facilitate the young photographers to take snaps, number of times, with a view to commemorate the occasion. Our Luxury Bus started at 5 p.m. from Baidyabati and reached IISD at 7.30 p.m. On the way, all the participants sang chorus song “ “ This pleasant trip will ever remember by all the participants. We shall all look forward anxiously in the days to come.

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