Some Drawbacks About Social Network

Sandip Mitra MBA (HR), Ex-student of IISD



Rima Saha , 24 years old, MBA student (name changed) loves to make new friends in Facebook and Wechat. Share almost everything with them. “Feeling alone”, “watching movie”, “enjoying cold coffee”, “at Aquatica”, even after knowing exam is nearby and its time to study, she wasted her time by updating status like “It’s time to study”…!!! 26 years old, Surya Dutta (name changed) works at a reputed company, after completing software engineering. He has a bright future as he is hard working and talented, but he is addicted at social networks. At first he used to connect with his friends through office computers during working hours. The upper Management was alert and to make their employees concentrate on their work, they blocked the way to get into any social networks. But modern science has gifted us smart phones, through which Surya continued the same avoiding the close circuit cameras. These things are normal for young generation. Most of them are addicted to these social networks and spend hours with it. Many of them have more than one account, in Wechat, Facebook, Line, like networks. Because of this addiction, sometime students forget their classes, exams, appointments also. They keep chatting and send messages even when they are walking on the streets or crossing the road. Accidents also don’t make them aware. Interesting thing is that the young generation, which is famously known as Gen-Y, is very busy and they are habituated to do multi-tasks. But the truth is most of them are busy with their social network friends and the virtual world. They don’t bother about the real world or the facts which are surrounded by them. As a result they tend to lie and bluff with their friends. Some believe in the lies and some don’t. Value of friendship has gone down so much that a simple click can start it or it can break it. The young generation nowadays doesn’t trust their childhood friends; but they like to meet with unknown “friends”, share phone numbers and other personal details. The use of social media has become so easy and widespread that notorious people use it for wrong reasons. Young people use the spellings of social networks even when they are writing formal documents as they tend to be shorter and easier to type. They generally write thanks as “10X” or “thnx”, time as “tym”, morning as “mrng” night as ”nyt” or “ni8”, then as “den”, tomorrow as “2morw”. They are confused whether the spelling is “college” or “collage”, because they are habituated to write “clg” in short, and they welcome their friends by saying “wlcm” instead of “welcome”. They hardly spend time with their parents, instead they like to talk with them through the chat box. Even when they go out with their family or friends, then also they keep touch with their social network friends and keep them informed by updating status. They always keep in touch of what is going on in these networks; they are always in a hurry to put comments, likes and replies in their own photos and status, as well as in others. The present generation is energetic, multi-talented but they are wasting their energy because of this addiction which is hampering their careers. At the end it is important to say that social network is not bad if we are not addicted to it. It helps to keep touch with friends and relatives those who stay in other city or abroad. We hardly get scope to meet with them, but it makes easy to get them through these sites. It is possible to share photos and videos of memorable moments and people get opportunity of video conferencing also. Anything too much is bad for us, and that is what happening for this generation. Social networks should be used but keeping some limitations.

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