Sushmita Gupta

(Deputy Director of IISD)


IISD has made a name for itself among the student fraternity especially in the area of Management and for medical and language students. It had not forayed into the domain of school students so far.

The idea to offer coaching services to students of ICSE and CBSE schools sprang from the felt need to make coaching in different subjects available to students under one roof. The reputation of IISD as a provider of educational services and the infrastructure it possesses provided an ideal ground to offer the services. With the encouragement of the Chairman, the IISD School Guide was born, offering personalized coaching to students of Classes V to XII in different subjects.

Today, children and their parents are a much harried lot; looking for good coaching for select subjects. The need for personalized coaching was always there but even a decade back it was not ubiquitous. The

vastness of the syllabi, overcrowded classrooms, paucity of time and above all, the growing competition have made it even more difficult to internalize topics within the school hours!

The School Guide has been conceived to provide a one-stop solution for the student. Here under one roof, he is offered coaching in several subjects with the flexibility of him choosing the subjects. Experienced teachers from ICSE and CBSE schools, some of whom have been examiners in the board examinations have been roped in by IISD to deliver the course.  Along with the IISD reputation for quality and its enviable infrastructure, the School Guide is set to be the first port of call for students.

The timing has been kept convenient. Students have access to a well stocked library and the computer resources. The students would receive assistance with their home work, project work and class tests. For students of Class XI and XII of ISC and CBSE schools, Business Studies, Accounts, Economics, Mathematics, Sociology, Psychology, Political Science and History have been offered. Hindi and Bengali are offered to students of Classes V to XII who opt for the language classes. An additional attraction is coaching in Spoken English, Debate, Elocution, Extempore Speaking etc. if students are interested since these are skills much valued in the job market today.

Classes have begun from the 8th April and the initial response from the student community has been encouraging. However, it must be remembered that the concept being new, it would take time for students to respond to the services offered. This is both because students have traditionally been accustomed to either subject tutors visiting them at their residences, or taking classes in small groups at a place designated by the tutor. Several subjects being offered institutionally under one roof is a very recent phenomenon. It is felt that with time, the IISD School Guide would be a preferred choice for the students of the north-eastern part of the metropolis.

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