Ugranath Mishra

(MBA 4th semester)


One day, fall on love with a chatting girl,


Without finding her name and attitude,


She was sweet and cute by heart,


Wow! What was his chatting girl.




Name was change on face book site,


How could he know who was that,


She used to be very sad,


That’s why never asked who was that?


Wow! What was his chatting girl.




He became habituate to chat with her,


And consideration was that, she is a girl,


Later found that she is wife of another,


Then, there were some extra barier,


Think, wow! What was his chatting girl.



After all did not consider for any prob,


Because both were in real love,


But it was really the future prob,


And impossible was to be alive without her,


Wow! What was his chatting girl.




He had decided to be die,


With saying the people knows good bye guies,


He never thought that love will ask his life,


And he will have to lost his golden life.


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