Soma Dutta



A childhood friend often recited following lines from Ghalib: “ Ya rab! Wo na samjhe hain aur na samjhenge meri baat; de aur dil unko, jo na de mujhko zaban aur”. On each


birthday a  question confronts:  Am I  happy! Am I better than before!  The search is on to realize what is happiness, what is it to be better than before.


At 9pm, a few years back I was travelling home by a rickshaw when CESC plunged us in darkness. Moon and stars was not is a mood to cooperate. The rickshaw puller as he performed his task of reaching me to my place said: darkness is good, we hope and strive for betterment when life is in dark(ness). As light appears fright starts of losing good moment. This revelation makes me search for the potential embedded in every dark moment.


Growing up is a city where begging is a profession of many I desire to collate and analyse data on why they do not try to  get engaged in any other profession. One day while


travelling by bus I heard an argument among two young college students. They were trying to arrive at a belief : ‘GOD does not exist’. As I heard this conversation a beggar arrived with arms stretched. I paid Re 1/ that was left after paying my bus fare. A little girl sitting next to me in her school dress also paid Re 1/ I asked her if she carries extra money always. ‘NO’ was the answer. The girl gets Rs 10/ everyday from her mother as bus fare. The days, she said she is lucky to put money on stretched arms asking for support she walks back home happily that is exactly what the 12 year old my co


passenger at bus no45 told me. As I got down infront of Sealdah station I realised this is a meeting with GODs representative on earth. I still search for such representatives of GOD to silently influence life towards betterment.


I enjoy deriving inspiration from case studies written in books kept in the library. I aspire to collect data and prepare a case study to be read and re read by students. My clothes were made by a tailor who operated out of the footpath at Hindustan Park. He could not afford to build a shop, he had to manage a family of five girls and a wife. As I joined college one day this man arrived at our house inviting us for the inauguration of his


tailoring shop at Hindustan Park. My parents were surprised and enquired of the windfall source. His twin daughters completed a vocational course and has started earning. They built the shop for their father out of their savings. The search for such girls who makes their parents proud continues.


As a teacher my search continues for students who will actively take up the responsibility to collect data on factors contributing towards depravations in our country. Once they start this I am sure they will be active workers making a change in  India, the country is waiting for.

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