Mrs. Kasturi Dutta


Life is a precious gift of God to Mankind,

Life is a precious gift of God to Mankind

The joy and beauty of life lies in the innermost chores of our mind

It is a valuable and worthy treasure

Where joy, peace and contentment swims in the sea of pleasure

The road of life is steep

But fear should not creep

Sing the hymns of love to make life beautiful

To enjoy every hour of life and make it wonderful.

The music of laughter in life should linger in our heart

Curb away anxiety and tension to make the loopholes of our life depart

We pray to God for his great power

To give us strength and peace of mind in life’s dark hour

Real glory of life lies in our work

We should try every moment not to make it dark

For ourselves life is really worth living

If we keep others happy and make our heart broad in giving

Where loving in life is one’s sole aim

Everyone should try to make it glow like the flame.

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